In December, the final month of R&I Loop, partners were engaged in several multiplier events to ensure that the results of the project will continue to be used

Upon completion of the final versions of the results of R&I Loop, now available in the various languages of the project (English, Italian, German, Portuguese and Spanish), partners engaged into developing and hosting multiplier events to present these results and invite other Universities and regional stakeholders to use them.

Such events were held in Portugal, Spain, Italy and online, allowing a wide participation and exchange of views around the topics of Civic Universities. Partners took the opportunity to talk about their experience in using the Inception & Outgrowing Toolkit, and the Nurturing Toolkit, reporting the impact that these activities generated in their Universities and in the community.

Since the beginning of the project, partners have organised events aimed at raising awareness on the main topics of the project and collecting the inputs of relevant stakeholders not only from Universities but also from companies, public bodies, associations and citizens. Besides presenting the project’s objectives, results and the EU support, such events allowed to numerous Letters of Interest, where stakeholders expressed their willing to uptake the project’s results. This letter will be attached to the exploitation plan, in order to demonstrate R&I LOOP impact into society.

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