As the R&I Loop project is reaching its end, the consortium partners held the final meeting to wrap up and reflect on the main achievements of the project

On the 15th and 16th June 2022, R&I Loop partners held the last face-to-face consortium meeting hosted by the Italian partner – UNIVPM – in Ancona, Italy. At this final stage of the project, the meeting was the occasion to do an overall balance of the project, especially in what concerns the impact of R&I Loop’s activities in partner organisations.

During the 2 years of R&I Loop, the 4 universities participating in the project organised several activities involving their staff and students, as well as other stakeholders of their communities. Some examples of activities were: interviews, ignition events, training, science communication events, testing of the toolkits, among others. Thus, participation in R&I Loop was, at the same time, a process of learning, self-discovery and development of innovative field-tested materials. Thus, at the final consortium meeting, partners reported how the perception about Civic Universities has changed in their institutions and how the commitment towards this innovative model has been strengthened.

Given the success of the project and the feeling that becoming Civic and Sustainable Universities is a long path, R&I Loop partners also took the occasion of the final meeting to discuss possible future collaborations, as well as additional exploitation measures that can help spreading the legacy of the project to all those interested.

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