Inception and Outgrowing Toolkit at the WorkIn@FCSH

On July 22nd, 2022, the R&I Loop Project workshop themed “How to become a Civic University? Inception and Outgrowing Toolkit” took place at the WorkIn@FCSH Space (in Covilhã, Portugal).

The Workshop had as instructors the coordinator of the R&I Loop project, Professor João Leitão (UBI), as well as Dina Pereira (UBImedical) and Adriana Fonseca (UBImedical). The 15 participants had access to mentoring, elucidating the best way to use the various tools developed in the scope of the project.

After this introduction, the participants were invited to make a quick application of the tools to the reality of their research centres. This application of the tools allowed a better knowledge of the research clusters, but also the best way to develop and/or transform them in order to make them more civic-oriented.

After this working day, the participants were invited to a second workshop focused on science communication, which will take place in September 2022, in order to improve what was developed in this first workshop.

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