R&I Loop partners got together to learn and debate about the best tools for Higher Education Institutions to engage in the path of becoming more civic-oriented. This activity is connected to the development of the Inception and Outgrowing Toolkit, one of the main results of the project

At the end of May and begining of June 2022, R&I Loop partners met in the headquarters of INOVA+, in Matosinhos, to hold the staff training activity related to the Inception and Outgrowing Toolkit, as well as a consortium meeting.

In three days of intense work and collaboration, partners went through the various components of the Inception and Outgrowing Toolkit, tested the proposed tools and discussed how to pilot the Toolkit in their respective Universities. This short-term joint-staff training event prepared participants to:

  • Equip their staff to the new paradigms of ways of doing research;
  • Prepare their staff for institutional changes;
  • Strengthen their staff capacity to respond to social needs, while promoting their engagement in research activities and research outcomes.

The event was very fruitful, collaboration among partners has been strengthened and another important milestone of the project was achieved. We look forward to the next staff training event, dedicated to explore the Nurturing Toolkit of the R&I Loop project.

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